Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance

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Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance Plan

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The Team1
Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance1
The Plan2

The Team
The team is composed of four team members and one team manager; Mike, James, Mary, Katy and Barb. The team does a good job staying motivated and satisfied, and also performs well. However, there are moments the team struggles due to differences in attitudes, emotions, and values. The team manager strives to implement ways to keep the team where it should be. The plan will address the ways to keep the team motivated, satisfied and preforming well. Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance

The team currently has one thing that motivates them, satisfies them, and keeps them performing well, bonuses. The team works on different projects throughout the year. Meeting the deadlines on these projects keeps the team performing well which in turn earns them a bigger bonus check which motivates and satisfies them. However, there have been several instances where the team has not met a deadline and it has caused them their bonus for the project. This then causes issues between the team members and keeps them from performing well, being satisfied, and being motivated. Motivation

In order to increase team motivation, the manager has come up with two suggestions; get connected and show the team appreciation. The best way to get connected with your team is to build relationships with them. It is very important to let your team know you have their best interest in mind. By doing so, you also build trust. Very rarely do employees do more than just the minimum when they do not feel like you will do more for them. The key here is to establish a professional relationship, not a friendship. By establishing these relationships and getting connected with your team, you will increase their motivation. (Kearns, 2010) Showing the team appreciation is also...

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