Motivation Letter for Applying for Culinary Academy

Topics: Cooking, Culinary art, Chef Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: June 24, 2013

I do not exactly remember the year, however, I do remember the moment when I realized that food will be one of the most important things for me – the food that is well prepared, rich in flavors, stylish looking and perfectly served. I was known as a little glutton when we were invited to a dinner with family friends. Entering their house, the first thing that grabbed me was the scent - divine, delicious, confusing, glamorous. Shortly after that the discovery was served at the table - skillfully prepared variety of food in perfectly lined dishes with nice cutlery / as far as I understood then /. It was like a real New Year’ Eve for me, an incredible holiday! I jotted down on food as a gluttonous little bear on a barrel of honey and so quietly fell asleep next to my parents overfed and full of satisfaction. Since then till nowadays I've always been searching for this. My parents were constantly at work, so I had the time and the field to experiment with food preparation while showing my sister my next culinary creation. Step by step, all this led to graduating professional cooking school. My teachers there gave me the foundation to step on and helped me sort in the correct order all important steps in the process of preparation and presentation of food. Back then I realized how important it is to follow exactly and strictly all rules and instructions to the exact recipes, how important every detail is, the precise technique that every professional chef should know. Working as a steward and assistant cook on a small international crew in a shipping company, I was able to visit exotic and amazing places. I touched up to very different cultures and flavors, tastes and traditions. My colleagues, who were all of different races and cultures, showed me a variety of new recipes and traditions in cooking and were always ready to discuss with me what's new in the field of culinary. It was new spices, new techniques of cooking, new ideas for me. I...
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