Motivation Letter

Topics: Criminal law, Microsoft Certified Professional, Terrorism Pages: 3 (665 words) Published: April 17, 2010
Dear Madam/Sir

The Programme Director of the M.A. (Terrorism, Safety & Security), C.S.U. Australia.

My name is SURENDER SINGH. With this letter I hereby wish to state my interest for a place in Master of Arts in Terrorism, Safety & Security.

I am convinced that the Master’s in Terrorism study corresponds with my future plans of building a career as counter-terrorism analyst. It is my dream & ambition to be admitted and pursue my post-graduate study in the field of counter-terrorism & international security in order to develop a career that leads to working across the world.

I am graduated from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (INDIA) and received my degree in Bachelor of Arts with Mathematics & Economics as Major. 2nd time I was graduated in June 1994 from the University of Kurukshetra (INDIA) Faculty of Law and acquired my Bachelor of Laws (Professional) degree. During my schooling & tertiary education my motherland i.e. Punjab (India) was burning in the fire of terrorism. During my law study Punjab was facing post Sikh-terrorism period. I felt, faced and saw the dreaded psychological, economic, social, political impacts of terrorism on people, society, state & on nation.

In December 1994 I started to work in the High Court of Punjab, Republic of India as a criminal lawyer. Being criminal lawyer I deal a wide variety of criminal cases of Murder, Narcotics, Corruption, Drugs, Money Laundering, Frauds under Indian Penal Code AND cases under TADA (Terrorist And Disruptive Act) both on prosecution & defence sides. This position provided me to identify causes, reasons behind crimes and give a chance to pip into the dark world of organized crimes & terrorism. The most valuable experience of understanding crimes for me has been started when I was selected in the year 2000 as Judge for very prestigious Punjab State Judicial Service. In my court many hardcore criminals, smugglers & terrorists appeared and stand up before me for criminal proceedings &...
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