Motivation Letter

Topics: Wireless, Wireless network, Employment Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Three paragraphs of one-page cover letter.

Opening. In business-like manner
Refer to job listing: "I am writing to apply for the technician position advertised in Jobtrack. Name mutual acquaintance: Professor Jane Smith, chair of the physics department, told me your firm is looking for a physics major who is interested in wireless communication." Refer to news item: "The March 26 Business First featured your plans to open a laboratory in Columbus." Summarize your outstanding qualification: "A part-time job with Bob Dixon, director of the Advanced Technology Group at OSU, has given me some experience in installing and operating a wireless network on the campus. I would like to use this practical experience by joining your planned laboratory." Pose a question: "Would you need someone with wireless network experience this summer for your laboratory? If so, please consider me as a trainee for positions becoming available as the laboratory staff grows." Middle. Having caught the reader's attention, present your basic qualifications for the job. Select/emphasize key points in your education, work experience and personal qualities. Use this chance to differentiate yourself. For example, Feature your broad educational background or depth in a particular major. Highlight how education has prepared you for the sought job. Explain how electives, such as in electrical engineering or computer science, reinforce/diversify your qualifications. Illustrate how you have supplemented academic training with internship or part-time work experience. Provide examples that you can handle responsibility and manage your time well. Describe desirable personal qualities, such as responsibility, organizational skills. Closing. Last paragraph calls for action (without begging or demanding). Ask for an interview and indicate you will follow-up. Make this easy by providing a phone number and hours available; if you offer an answering machine, make sure your recorded message is...
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