Motivation Letter

Topics: Science, Problem solving, Research Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Respected Sir/Madam,

I am a person driven by consciousness and not ignorant at any technology. This I feel is one of my greatest strengths which keeps me on the learn always and still keeps me away from the frustrations of excessive workloads or failures. I am thus a happy and satisfied worker and hence, confident that I can be helpful where ever I am.

Understanding, ability to mould as the situations demand, patience, sincerity and commitment to work hard, self-learning and self-motivation make me a choice for the research/academia and aids in my professional growth and innovation in the field, I m Seeking PhD research Program to fulfill my career prospect to become a such good researcher, academia in field. I therefore, feel as noon I get approved to conduct my study on full-time basis in the area of Cloud Computing and security which will impact with the current and upcoming innovation in Technology.

Upon my entry to the Program:
My primary goal is to impart the capacity to solve complex problems by independently applying technical and scientific methods. 

This is achieved by immersing in activities that present specific demands such as: 

- To understand complex scientific work on the current state of the art in computer science; - To contribute to the work of the research group, this will give me an innovative ideas as well as thorough expertise; - To develop my own approaches to research and to elaborate as far as possible in order to achieve new results;

Ongoing progress upon successful completion of this program, my target is to exhibit the following skills and expertise: 

- Substantial problem-solving abilities

Ability to express the pros and cons of Cloud Computing and security

Provide a constructive approach of my research in its outset, and include substantial experimental and analytical elements.

Provide a design of data models and structures involved...
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