Motivation in the Work Place

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Motivation in the Work Place


Motivation is the study of what makes us do things. Every day we are faced with many decisions. What choice we make is the study of motivation. There are several theories of motivation; the theory of opportunity-cost is the most widely recognized. This paper will discuss (1) the major forces that drive us, (2) diverse influences, and (3) tangible and intangible outputs.

Through the years there have been several theories as to what motivates employees to do their best at work. Every person has their own set of motivations and personal incentives to either work hard or not. Some people are motivated by recognition while others are motivated by cash incentives. Whatever the employee’s motivation maybe, the key is to promote that motivation that can cause a significant impact on the growth and development in a company or your own business.

Motivation in the workplace is one of the major concerns that managers face when trying to encourage their employees to work harder and do what is expected of them on a day-to-day basis. According to Langton and Robbins each theory can be divided into two categories; needs theories and process theories (Langton & Robbins, 2007). Each theories shows the differences that people have and how they can be applied to motivate the individual. Process theories include a broader portrayal which describes the procedures involved in motivating others. The purpose of this paper is to examine and compare popular process theories which are the expectancy theory and goal setting theory. Similarities and differences

Employee incentive programs go a long way towards ensuring employees feel appreciated and worthwhile. This alone can help with employee motivation across the board. The great thing about these programs is they are very individualized. That is you tailor your programs to suit the needs and wants of your employees. Incentive programs increase motivation because they are not only encouraging productive performance but also show employees the company cares

When flying off into the sunset or anywhere airline prices was at a reasonable rate. One of the great benefits within the travel and tourism industry is having instant database access to look for good deals when vacationing. When people in the travel industry realized the potential of the internet to reach the public their eyes lit up. The internet was a wonderful way to get information to travelers all over the world. If there was a hotel in the small island some were The online travel agency would be able to provide descriptive photos, pricing, and accommodations to its customers. I have found these web sites to have many accommodating features to help plan your vacation from start to finish. In most cases hotels, airlines and car rentals offer lower rates to consumers using the internet. “Thanks to new cutting-edge, search engine technology, Momondo allows users to search almost 500 travel sites and compare results in one legible display”. The online travel agency has only been in action for about a decade. Now, 60 per cent of travel plans in the US are made online. Having instant access to online databases has helped the travel distributors and hotels communities improve their performance. Another leading hotel provider is Pegasus solutions, which help power the hotel that is on many online internet travel sites. “Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions, Inc. is a global leader in providing

technology and services to hotels and travel distributors. Founded in 1989, Pegasus’ customers include a majority of the world’s travel agencies and more than 78,000 hotel properties around the globe”. Currently, the online travel business has evolved into three distinct groups of Web sites. With online travel agents” like Travelocity, expedia and Orbits users who will want to purchase tickets directly from their site, acting as a middleman and maintains customer relationships. Booking your...
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