Motivation, How Motivate to Perform in the Workplace

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Two-factor theory Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: March 12, 2013
To find good workers is not that easy, but it’s even harder to stop employee’s turnover. Company must ensure that employees perform tasks, increase productivity and feel the satisfaction of their work. To make this happen companies need to ensure that their employees are motivated.

1.1. Motivation – to encourage people to act, so that they and their company would reach their setup goals and to ensure that all sides will be satisfied. Motivation benefits the company as an employee who is motivated wants to be at work, takes pride in their work, does not have a negative attitude towards the company and is dedicated to work longer hours and takes delight in it. The company, having these workers can achieve: * Higher productivity and quality

* Better attendance
* Lower employee turnover
* More likely that changes will be recognized, rather than resisted 1.2. But there are many factors which affect motivation level in the workplace. One of the most important is social factor, if an organization is soaked with negativity it can be disastrous, it can lead to low morale, no desire to work, low performance & poor quality and finally resistance to any changes within the organization can be crippling in these competitive times. Environmental conditions can affect motivation levels in the workplace as well, such as, bad air conditioning system it’s too cold or too hot to work, tools for work are in poor quality or do not comply with the requirements to do a good job or work place is life-threatening. Many other factors can affect motivation in the workplace are related to how management runs the organization such as, unfair bonus system, unrealistic targets/goals, no balance between work and life. 1.3. Not only work the environment might affect motivation, because the workplace brings together people from different backgrounds, philosophies, cultures and personalities. Different personalities might affect what motivates people to participate in the...

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