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Title: Employee Motivation in the Hotel Industry
Background and Problem: Reading into the performance of some hotels and going through the multiple advertisements they place repeatedly in magazines, boasting about the quality of service they provide. It left me wondering what is so especial about these hotels, that is different from the so many others, what keeps employees so motivated that they go beyond their call of duty to provide services to the customers. With this in mind I wanted to examine why employee motivation is such a critical factor for the success of the hospitality industry. What are these motivational factors are some of them more important than others, what is the correct mix of these factors. How did we come to realize the importance of these factors? What great minds and efforts contributed to the identification and realization of such critical factors? Most importantly what happens in the absence of these motivational factors? Purpose: The purpose of the study is to get an insight into the various motivational factors that are in play in the work lives of employees of the hospitality industry Methodology and Delimitations: This study is based on two approaches. One of them is the qualitative approach based on various interviews, and the other approach is the qualitative one conducted through a survey. Results and conclusions:

Key Words: Hospitality Industry, attrition, Absenteesim, Motivation, Employee Morale, fringe Benefits, On the Job Training, Union DISPOSITION
The disposition of the thesis is provided below in simple and easy to understand manner. The construction of this disposition is based on the research in various literature sources. I believe it would represent the approach taken in conducting this study in a logical manner. Methodology| The paper would present the methodology adopted and the approach used in the research process| Theoretical frame of reference| The brief representation of the various theories that form the basis of the study| Empirics| The gathered data that constitutes the empirical basis for the study| Analysis| In this section I have made an attempt to analyze the findings of the study with the theoretical reference to highlight the important finding and do a comparison of the theories with real life scenarios| Conclusion| The conclusion drawn from the study are presented with the recommendations|

In perusal of this study I have used both quantitative and qualitative means. Halvorsen in 1992 has proposed that depending on the type of study one makes both quantitative and qualitative means differ in usefulness. Keeping in mind the information that I found accessible and interesting enough to pusue, and flexible enough to suit the needs of this study, I utilized both the methods. Ejvegard 2003 in his explanation of duality of methodology, wherein the necessity of flexibility is highlighted, as a consequence of the impact that different situations have on the quantum and quality of information available. As the topic in hand was generic in nature I opted to use a mix of both these methodology. Qualitative Research

Qualitative research may be described as the examination of a smaller sample of objects more thoroughly (Wallen 1996) Tross in 2005 recommends the use of qualitative approach when one is trying to depict, identify patterns or generally trying to understand a phenomenon. Further a case study may be defined as collection and presentation of a smaller particular sample group from within a population; the case study makes use of the smaller sample to project trends over the entire population size. (Ejvegard in 2003) In order to properly respond to the given problem formation, we deemed the carrying out of a case study to be indispensable. The primary advantage of this approach was that I was not required to study each and every hotel or each and every employee in the hotel industry, but through the...
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