Motivation Essay

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Personal Statement

My interest in Economics throughout my education has led me to apply for a Higher Education course in this area. This is my strongest subject and ones in which I feel most capable. My interest in Economics, in particular, has stemmed from political and economic situation in my country. Kyrgyzstan is going from a country with the highest level of poverty and corruption. The economic situation in Kyrgyzstan was alarming. Corruption was widespread in all sectors of public life, starting from the president’s family and going down to all levels of public officials. Almost all profitable businesses in the country remained in the hands of officials Working in non-governmental and international organizations I had face with injustices towards honest people. Due to lack of transparency and public control, the aid from western governments and international organizations seldom reached the real addressees but rather ended in the pockets of government officials. In a similar vein, assistance given by international financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has not led to any visible results that the population could profit from. Furthermore, investors were expected to either give bribes to high officials in order to implement projects or to realize business these deficiencies all but ameliorated the social conditions of the population, the majority of which lived below the poverty level. Pensioners could not afford to pay for public services, as well as basic survival necessities such as electricity and water. Take, for example, the customs. Because of the high taxes all goods were imported and exported through giving bribes. Instead of changing the system President instructed that the customs duties should be increased. As a result, the customs earnings have increased, but the system based on corruption and bribes still exists. Such is the picture...
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