Motivation and Impression

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Motivation and perception

Effect of Motivation and Perception Nora Trinity Rhode Island College

Motivation and Perception.

Abstract Psychological studies had shows that people involuntarily form a general opinion about one another when they first meet. This study ideal with the tendency of judgment on personality based of limitation and first impressions of humans to get as much information out of a situation or about a person as possible, allowing us to have perceptions. Our feelings, behaviors and thoughts change according to different situations. Participants were presented with a list of adjectives that describes a hypothetical person. They were to form impressions about that individual’s personality based on that list. It is through social psychology that studies have managed to show a mental link between the physical and physiological perceptions, and how they influence each other when dealing with people. The presentation ‘’experiment is better” that was counterbalanced with warm and cold. These lists would be the solitary base of the formation of their impressions. Measurements were based on participant response using a rating scale, brief written impressions, and descriptive adjective check list. The hypothesis pertinent to this experiment is that primacy has an affect on how people form impressions. The results found here indicate that predominance is an important factor in impression formation. . Key words: perception, impression, positive, negative

Perception of people can be principally viewed as the determinants to understand people’s behavior and create effective and efficient knowledge on the view of things. A primary effect is a cognitive predisposition that can results from inconsistent salience of initial stimuli or observations. It is the tendency to remember well the first items that will influence us more than the later information will. According to Solomon Asch question what is the study (1946), “a glance, a few spoken words are sufficient to tell us a story about a highly complex matter” (pg. 258). Therefore, we often make our judgments of the person right from meeting someone the first time. For example, if someone makes a good first impression the moment they meet you, you will tend to dismiss negative attributes shown later in the person. However, if someone were to make a bad first impression, they will have a hard time making a positive influence later on.   In this study, Asch had presented a list of six adjectives to a subject. It was revealed that subjects who had flattering descriptors were picked to be more likeable when their adjectives were in the descriptions of being warmer than to cold.   Therefore, it shows that humans perceive the people around them by their independent trait(s). Humans often fill in the gaps of missing information. Therefore, we would perceive people with better physical appearances are more socially desirable and that the first impressions of them will be positive. Even if there were to be signs of any negative characteristics, humans tend allow these first impressions to become self-fulfilling prophecies, and be naturally biased towards them. Prior studies have indeed have found negative impressions to be particularly strong.   Richey, McClelland, and Shimkunas (1967) quote better source (studied the relative strengths of positive and negative information on impressions by providing subjects with textual descriptions of hypothetical characters, followed by contradictory information). Subjects were asked to rate their impressions after receiving information about the treatment.   They manipulated the presentation in order, so that one group received positive, and then...
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