Motivation and Control

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Motivation and Control: Thanks for Nothing Paper
Week 2
September 28, 2010
CJA473 Managing Criminal Justice Personnel
Jim Keesee
Marshall MacHugh

Motivation and Control: Thanks for Nothing Paper

If praising employees for doing a good job seems to be a fairly easy and obvious motivational tool, why do you think companies and managers don’t often do it? I believe there are several reasons why companies and managers do not praise employees for doing a job well done. One of the reasons is the lack of communication. Many times the managers do not realize an employee has done a good job. The managers can be too out of touch with their first line workers to notice something done correctly. Training is another reason preventing praise from occurring. Managers are not trained to praise employees but only recognize their failures and point out the employee’s shortcomings. Many companies are so out of touch with their employees they do not even know what their employees are doing. Employees want recognition for their good work but no one has told the managers they want it. Also, many managers and companies do not think to ask if employees want recognition and what type of recognition they would like. The managers and companies do not see how praising can boost morale and therefore it is overlooked. Communication is essential and when it breaks down, employees do not receive praise for their good work. A breakdown in communication is the main culprit in this scenario. As a manager, what steps would you take to motivate your employees after observing them perform well? I make it a point to thank or praise an employee every time I see them perform a job well done. I like to treat my employees to lunch when they meet certain goals. I believe praising employees in front of their coworkers for performing well is a great motivator. That can backfire in certain situations but I have not observed it happening with me as a manager. At my current...
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