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Within an organization it is best to have motivated employees working. Motivated employees get work done correctly and on time. Having motivated people also help motivate other employees to do a good job. There is several motivation theories that make an employee motivated to do a good job. There is the acquired needs theory, which is when an employee seeks for power, achievement or affiliation. Drive theory is for employees seeking to satisfy needs, the needs could be the satisfying feeling of completing a project or task on time, or even the feeling of doing a good job. There is also the goal setting theory that is having different types of goals that motivate each person differently. They could be motivated to do well for self confidence; they may also be motivated to do for their family at home. Organizational behavior (OB) is the “study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals and groups act in organizations”. With organizational behavior employees essentially have a “tool kit” of knowledge and it can be used in any organization. When employees are know about organizational behavior it helps improve the employee’s roles and better their functions within the company. With the organizational behavior tool kit you can use the skills which are “leadership, cultural diversity, power and influence, team interactions and organizational design” (3).

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