Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (703 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Three types of motivational theory can be seen in different organization. The theories are: Maslow’s hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s theory and vroom’s theory. Maslow’s theory indicates that where motivation fulfills the demand and needs of an employee. Maslow discovered the theory in 1943. This theory can be shown as pyramid. There are down to top approach in this theory. A new comer always needs his job for satisfying himself by getting food and shelter which is a psychological need. The second lower one is security and safety. An employee of an organization always needs his job security and freedom in the organization or either he will get demotivated. The middle step is social class. Employee always wants social class. If he doesn’t get the job he deserves, then the employee will be demotivated. That is why any employee needs this social class and standard that he deserves. Then he will have some Esteem needs which include recognition, independent, status etc. In that situation, money is not the primary factor. He wants recognition and status and he wants to get promoted and his need will be higher comparing to the previous step. The last and first in the pyramid is self actualization. This is the satisfactory level and it indicates that he is satisfied with what he’s doing. This is the level which is the fulfillment of personal potential. On the other hand, herzberg’s theory is different where the focus point is avoiding unpleasantness. There are 2 factors that influence this theory and they are: environmental factor and motivational factor. For example: An employee of “SoundFLEX Studios” has his freedom in the organization and he is getting his salary and these are general but if he does good in his work and gets close supervision, it will be demotivating for him which will create unpleasantness. Environmental factor includes: company policy, salary, quality of supervision, working conditions and job security. All these factors have to be created if an...
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