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Motivation Plan
Therese Ragin
October 13, 2014
LDR 531

Motivating employees is to provide tools and ideas for supporting employee motivation. There may be one employee that appreciate having time off and the next may not. The manager has to figure out what employees want and encourage them to earn it or find a way to give it to the employees. The DiSC assessments help my mentor who is a human resource manager in her responsibilities in the development and motivation of the employees. From team D assessments results, the team consist of one cautious style and one dominant style. The company’s motivational plan will vision these personality types to develop a plan that identifies each individual style in the company’s work environment. The human resource manager use the team’s skill to help find opportunities that will help in increasing productivity. The human resource manager knows how things should go and are ready to take charge to make sure that it happens. Analysis of personality types

The team has two different personality types, to increase the team motivation and performance based on the personal profiles within the department. The HR manager will evaluate what motivates each style. The DiSC information shows that the team’s dominant style is direct and decisive and will lead than follow in the workplace. The dominant style is motivated by setting and achieving goals and new challenges. Freedom from routine and mundane tasks is important. The cautious may fear criticism and being wrong. The cautious style employee will delegate tasks and compromise for the good of the team.

Team Plan
The steps in the motivational plan will focus on attaining a results that will contribute to the teams increasing workplace motivation. Team D motivational plan consist of the following. 1. Work Duties

HR manager have many roles by highly motivated employees who have the skills in achieving the company’s goals. The continuous performance of repeated work duties leads to turnovers. A manager is always looking for ways to challenge employees and motivate them by emphasizing accomplishments. HR manager can create new goals each month and or give employee opportunity to be trained on a different job to expand an employee's skill. 2. Recognition

Motivation and leadership go hand in hand when it comes to recognizing employees for a job well done. Creating a monthly employee of the month to recognize the top performers will motivate everyone to do a great job. The employees will feel appreciated by management because management takes the time to recognize employee accomplishments.

3. Pay Incentives
To improve motivation, management can increase wages and have a rewards programs. Increasing wages will help keep the motivation going .The team consists of a cautious personalities and a dominant personality. These two styles are both skilled at getting to the heart of matters. Conclusion

The company’s motivational plan will consist of two personality assessment information. Providing leadership and motivation for the employees is essential in maintaining productivity. The management team spends time developing ways to keep employees inspired to succeed will increase retention. There are many different plans and different personalities that can use to motivate employees.

References: Plans to Motivate & Lead Employees in Business from,

References: Plans to Motivate & Lead Employees in Business from,
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