Motivated Sequence

Topics: Future, Illustration, Time Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 21, 2015
A.H. Monroe

Attention Step
a. Purpose: To overcome listener apathy and direct attention to the subject by exciting listener interest, gaining respect, and achieving goodwill. b. Techniques: The manner or style by which you introduce a persuasive speech determines the way in which the audience responds, so show some ingenuity and creativity by using startling statements, questions, illustrations, anecdotes, background material, or reference to the subject and occasion.

Need Step
c. Purpose: To describe the problem so that the listeners feel personally concerned about it. d. Techniques:
Statement of Need – Point out what is wrong, how bad it is, and its threat to the continuance of present good conditions. Illustration – Tell one or more incidents to illustrate the need. Ramifications – Employ as many additional facts, examples, and quotations as are required to make the need convincing and impressive. Relevance – Show its importance to the individuals in your audience.

Satisfaction Step
e. Purpose: To present the solution (in the form of a requested action(s) that individuals can accomplish) so that the listeners will feel that it is sound and sensible. f. Techniques:
State the action you propose and explain it very clearly.
Ensure that the action(s) requested are specific, timely, do-able, not far in the future, etc. Show logically how your proposed action will satisfy the need for it.

Visualization Step
g. Purpose: To intensify desire by projecting the listeners into the future so that they can visualize the results of completing your proposed action. h. Techniques:
Positive Method – Describe conditions as they will be in the future if the action you propose is carried out. Negative Method – Describe conditions as they will be in the future if the action you propose is not carried out. Mixed Method – Use a combination of positive and negative.

Action Step
i. Purpose: To briefly clinch the points with a specific...
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