Motivate Students to Learn

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How to Motivate Students to Learn

How to Motivate Students to Learn
Following the Educational Psychology Theory and Practice Jessica Grayson Alcorn State University

Running Head: How to Motivate Students to Learn 2

Learning is not an easy task for some. Many of us are motivated to learn for many reasons and are always looking to receive new information. But if the information is giving effectively through good teaching methods, students may not be excited to learned new and informative information. Teaching styles can affect how students learn new information. It is important that these teaching styles be tested in the learning environment to ensure effective teaching. Some ways to motivate students to learn is by enactive learning, tapping into different learning styles, giving exciting lessons and organizing lessons in a appealing way. Engaging students in lessons by using enactive learning along with activities that requires critical thinking has proven to be an effective teaching tool. Enactive learning is one of the possible ways to organize knowledge and one of the forms of interaction with the students. The information gained through the child’s perception can help him or her interact in their environment. The form of knowledge based on the active of the hand for apprehension tasks. Enactive is knowledge that comes through action. Constructed motor skills, such as manipulating objects, riding a bicycle or playing a sport are just a few examples of enactive learning. The enactive knowledge of entities can be acquired by doing and children may be more attentive towards learning when they are involved in the task at...
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