Mothers: The Most Imperative Ingredient in a Family

Topics: Emotional insecurity, Doctor Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Kylor Bellistri
English II B
Mr. Mackey
22 March 2010
The Guardian
Mothers have huge responsibilities and as a whole, are the most imperative ingredient in a family. Mrs. Ramsay is no exception to this familiar theme. Mrs. Ramsay, being a caregiver, plays a vital role in peoples’ lives, especially James and Mr. Ramsay. Woolf intends for the reader to understand that women have the most essential responsibility in family life. Mr. Ramsay is stubborn, insecure, and insincere, yet Mrs. Ramsay does everything in her own power to care for and protect him. She allows Mr. Ramsay to float off in his own world and demand many things, yet she stays by his side and takes care of him. Although she has many of her own problems and at times, questions if she should continue her own life path, she has never left his side even through her flirtatious ways. Mrs. Ramsay's duty is to lessen Mr. Ramsay’s harassment, care for him, and make him look good in public. With Mrs. Ramsay being by his side, it also provides care to her children. She makes Mr. Ramsay's bossy, cruel actions manageable for the Ramsay kids who have to live with his bullying. She loves Mr. Ramsay, loves her kids, and she also stands between Mr. Ramsay and his family to make sure that they can live together. This is important because with her being the bond of the family and playing the most vital role in the family, she must keep a peaceful and balanced family life no matter how much her kids dislike their father. Mr. Ramsay parades around reciting poems and shouting at anyone, yet despite being very arrogant and loud, he is actually insecure. It falls to Mrs. Ramsay to protect those insecurities from others that may exploit them because that is what she feels her job is. In addition, she shows a love that some of the closest marriages do not even have in common. “Yes, you were right. It’s going to be wet tomorrow. You won’t be able to go”(124). Although Mrs. Ramsay is only agreeing with her husband, it...
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