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Mothers are better than fathers at parenting

By petrahk2013 Nov 16, 2013 302 Words
Mothers are better than fathers at parenting
Every child is born with two parents. Both parents play an essential role in a child´s life. Although, it is the mother, who is usually considered to be the better one at parenting. First of all, women in general are capable to do more things at the same time. For example women are able to cook and take care of a child at once. Compared to fathers, who are barely capable to do one thing. Secondly, women tend to have more intuitive intelligence than men. It is this intuition that enables a mother to know when her child needs her. In addition, women often know how to read non-verbal signals in their child´s behaviour, which can alert them to issues and problems in a child’s life. All these skills make a mother to be a responsible parent. Finally, mothers are said to sacrifice more for children compared to fathers. Mothers regard their children as being a part of their daily routine whereas fathers prefer other things as for their priorities. However, fathers are also very important to child´s life. Firstly, fathers are the ones who earn money, so they can provide everything for a child´ s needs. In modern life it is very important aspect, that the child will not feel inferior in comparison with other children.In the second place, fathers are more strict, which means they can provide discipline to a child, unlike most mothers. Lastly, fathers are not generally so worried as mothers. Which allows children to have more adventurous childhood. In conslusion, I think it is difficult to say which parent is better at parenting. It always depends on individuals. However, in my opinion it is usually mother because she uses skills based on her natural intuition.

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