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Why My Mother is Inspiring to Me
Growing up as a child I watched my mom strive not to be perfect, but to succeed at almost everything she tried to get her hands on. She was never afraid to believe in herself in every undertaking she attempted. My mother made sure she was always in positive spotlight no matter if it was in front of her family or a group of strangers. She is always looking out for others whether she needs to or not. When I look at my mom it makes me not only want to be a good person but do great things with my life. My mother is inspiring to me because she has the courage to accomplish anything, and her actions are always well connected to her words.

No matter what obstacles or challenges my mom gets presented with she always has the courage to at least make an effort to accomplish it. Since she was a little girl, she has been very ambitious trying to reach her goals and dreams and to everybody’s surprise she mostly has. My mother was the first to graduate high school in her family and the only one so far with two degrees and much more. She maintains a steady job and is a great role-model to any young or old individual. Still to this day she continues to strive to reach new and different things that benefit herself, as well as her family. Fear is not a word in my mom’s vocabulary. Being fearless is a basic survival mechanism in response to anything that comes across her way.

My mom is never just all talk. Her actions are well connected to her words and I know I can always count on her for that, as well as others. She is never just a pleaser; she is a realist in everything she does or says in life. My mother is the most reliable person in my life, and probably in a lot of other people’s lives. I know I can continuously count on her in any circumstance that comes her way or even mine. She knows all of her responsibilities and at all times commits to them and sometimes goes beyond them. Anytime I have ever been in need or in...
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