Motherboard and Form Factor A.

Topics: Motherboard, PCI Express, Conventional PCI Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: September 21, 2013

Size & Shape determined by form factor of motherboard
ATX Form Factor
A. Replaced older AT form factor
B. Smaller
C. Better organization
D. Easy to work on
E. Support for wide variety of I/O devices
F. P1 Power supply/ 21 or 24 pin
G. Soft power button – does not immediately cut power/ allows normal O/S shutdown process H. Power on the back kills all power
BTX Form Factor
A. 20 or 24 pin power connector
B. Better air flow for better cooling
C. Intake vent in the front
D. Exhaust vent on the back
E. CPU heat sink fins & memory modules installed parallel to air flow F. Wake on LAN – Configured CMOS – Keyboard activity and Network activity NLX Form Factor
A. Supports riser cards
B. Fit into expansion slots
C. Provides connectors for additional expansion cards
D. Also known as daughter boards
Buses Communication
A. Appear as copper tracing
B. Connects various components
C. Allow delivery of power & data
System Bus
A. Largest bus
B. Fastest bus
C. Connects motherboard to CPU
A. P1 power
B. 40 pin IDE
C. 34 pin Floppy drive
E. 50 or 68 pin SCSI
Expansion slots
A. 8 bit ISA – Used in earlier computers
B. 16 bit ISA – Next Generation
E. Vesa local bus
F. PCI – Fast
G. PCIx – Faster
H. PCIe(express) – Fastest, expected to replace AGP
I. AGP – High Speed alternative to PCI, used for video

My thoughts on the video 1.04 on the motherboard, was that it was and informative video. I learned the names of the slots on the motherboard, and what they are in charge of carrying out on the computer. I do think the video is outdated and could be a little more informative on the newer technology today and a little more descriptive on each component. Overall I believe I benefitted from watching the video, and that
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