Mother's Day: Making it Special

Topics: Mother, Family, Mother insult Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Who we are today, and who we'll be tomorrow will be formed not by ourselves, as we would like to think, but by the people around us, namely our friends and family. Possibly the biggest influence is our mother. She taught us everything from feeding and clothing our self, judging situations and reacting, tying our shoes, and being polite and being respectful to adults. Without my mother, I know I would be lost. For me, my mother is my security blanket. No matter how bad of a day she had, she will always be there with a shoulder to cry on. My mother is like my sister, we’re close enough. Sometimes we act like a sister, that’s why we’re mistaken to be sisters. My mom is my personal miracle. Whenever something becomes too much for me, she is there calming me down with just a hug and give me some lessons. She puts up with my mood swings, my constant chatter, and my continuous requests, and still manages to run a household beautifully. And she does this all with a smile, even when no one says thank you. Mother's Day is not a day where every woman who has given birth should be treated special. It is a day where every mother figure—nanny, caretaker, nurturer, grandmother, aunt, or even older cousin are recognized for the wonderful job they do in influencing us to become who we are today. Mothers teach us how to love, cherish, and respect who we are, and what it takes for us to become the adults we will one day be.  

My mother is a wonderful influence, and I can truly think of only one fault that she, and every other mother out there has: She loves me too much. She loves me so much that I sometimes resent her for not letting me make my own stupid decisions. I'm afraid that one day I will end up screaming at her to leave me alone. I know almost every teenage girl does. And I know almost every teenage girl will feel guilty afterwards, but not know how to apologize. Well, take this chance to let your mom know that you truly are grateful for her wanting to be in your life,...
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