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Mother Theresa Intentions Are Honorable, but She Also Causes Evil

Oct 08, 1999 564 Words
Mother Theresa Intentions Are Honorable, But She Also Causes Evil

Some of the most fathomless evils in the world go unknown to people. These evils present themselves disguised as good, and may do much good, but simultaneously do evil. Ideas, things, and people may all advance evil, even if this is not what they intended. How people see the aforementioned, and the way said people's minds work, combine together to work much harm. It is assuredly not their fault, and they may not even be aware of it. For instance Mother Theresa's intentions are completely honorable and she does much good, but she also cause evil.

Mother Theresa is, for all practical purposes, guaranteed sainthood. Much of what she does, and who she is, may indirectly cause things she does not intend. Some of this is the people she helps. Mother Theresa gives food needed to survive to her beneficiaries. This is unquestionably a good thing, yet it also harms the people. While their lives shall continue, they no longer know how to live. Those rescued shall become dependent on the food given them, and soon will not know how to take care of themselves. It would be far more practical to also teach them how they may help themselves, but one person cannot do all.

One overwhelming influence on those that wish to help is Mother Theresa. These individuals doubtless wish to help, but for various reasons do not. When questioned, there is one response that is entirely too common, which is "I can't make a difference." Mother Theresa is a contributing factor to this response. Everyone sees this woman doing so much, they then believe they can never do the same on such a large scale. People become overwhelmed with all of the good she does, then, because they acquired the impression that they cannot come near to the legend she has become, they do nothing at all.

There is at least one other place where Mother Theresa does something detrimental, that she may not be aware of. People constantly see her on news reports, movies, commercials. Mother Theresa is also written about in books, magazines, and newspapers. She allows this, for it lets her message reach many people, but this too has a corrupting effect. Until now sainthood had been a mystical and unattainable level, now it is not. It is certain that Mother Theresa shall become a saint. Such publicity becomes devoted to her that many begin to feel like they know her. Mother Theresa currently drifts somewhere between your neighbor and a favorite movie star. This is not the place she should occupy. Such a status erodes what it means to be a saint, making it somehow less holy in the eyes of many people.

Mother Theresa does cause evil and harm, though it is extremely unlikely she is aware of it. She is incapable of doing anything about it, even if she is aware. One must remember everyone causes good and evil, though maybe not in equal measures. It may seem, at first, that she is possibly responsible for more than most, or that hers excessively wide spread. Remember, she does far more good works than most -- maybe more than anyone else. The good she does, and the many lives she constantly saves, more than make up for the harm that may subsequently occur.

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