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Ashley Gonzalez
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Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies 1001
17 March 2015
Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was a brave, strong, independent woman. She was born in Skopje, capital of the Republic of Macedonia on August 27,1910 and died in Kolkata, India on September 5,1997. Mother Teresa original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojazhiu. Once she became a nun, she became know as Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta or Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Today, many call her Mother Teresa (“Blessed Mother Teresa” Encyclopedia Britannica). Agnes was raised by both of her Albanian parents: Nikola and Drane Bojaxhiu. She grew up being the youngest of three siblings in a catholic household. When Agnes was eight years old, her father died from poisoning, while he was working as a constructor. This was a tragic to the whole family. Raising three daughters wasn’t easy for Drane Bojaxhiu but she made sure her daughters were loved and great cared for. She provided her daughters with great religious influences by taking her daughters to church and giving them a catholic foundation. As a child, Agnes was obedient and lived a happy, content life with her family. In 1916, at the age of five, Mother Teresa received her first communion and became confirmed. After that day, she knew she wanted to serve Christ and share his love with others. At the age of twelve, Agnes wanted to help those in need and decided she wanted to become a missionary; an individual who goes out of their way to help support the needs of other (martin 15). Gonzalez 2

In September 1928, Agnes turned eighteen and decided to leave her family to join the sisters of Loretto in the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in Dublin, Ireland (martin 15). In order for her to be able to attend the institute, she had to ask the Vatican, the authority of the Roman Catholic Church for permission. At the time, young women were most likely to be denied by the Vatican; Agnes was one of the few who gained permission, she immediately started training. During this period of time, she learned the history of the orders of the sisters of Loretto, took interest in the language of English, and most importantly practiced her religious faith. Agnes trained for about six months and then was sent to Darjeeling, India to teach the children of India for seventeen years. In 1931, Agnes finished her teachings and immediately took her vows. Her name changed from Agnes to Sister Mary Teresa. In 1937, she took her last vows and became known as Mother Teresa (“Blessed Mother Teresa” Encyclopedia Britannica). This transition of names symbolized transforming from a nun to Mother Teresa. In 1930, Mother Teresa taught the teachings and principles of the catholic faith. This was known as the catechism. Mother Teresa taught for nine years, she loved teaching but she knew that her call wasn’t to be a teacher, but to help serve the poor (Carnagie, et al. 351). On September 10,1946 Mother Teresa received a sign while she was traveling on the train. A sign gives direction and guidance to an individual. Mother Teresa described the sign as a “call within a call.” This day became known as “Inspiration Day” many individuals annually celebrate this day (“Blessed Mother

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Teresa” Encyclopedia Britannica). After the Lord confirmed her call, she knew she wanted to go back to India. She patiently waited two years for the Vatican to give her permission to leave the convent and begin living as an Independent nun. Mother Teresa was eager to start doing what she wanted to do. Once she had permission, she immediately traveled to Calcutta, India to teach the small children. She taught them with a stick and drew out the lecture on the dirt. Her kindness and happiness was what brought joy to the small children. After awhile, Mother Teresa rented an outdoor cabin that was turned into a classroom for the children. Not only did she help support the children but also she financially...

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