Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa’s Leadership Through Serving Others
To talk about someone’s leadership process we must first start by defining what leadership is. Leadership is a process where a person influences a group of people and moves them towards achieving a common goal. Throughout time, we have had great examples of both positive and negative leaders. On this paper, I will be talking about a leader that I find one of the most appealing leaders of our era, Mother Teresa. There are different types and styles of leaderships and many ways to apply those techniques that help us become great leaders. One of these styles is one called “integral leadership”. This term can be defined as “a style of leadership that attempts to integrate other major styles of leadership”. This leadership approach focuses on understanding ‘where people are’ in terms of values, capabilities, and goals, and relating to them based on this. This was undoubtedly the leadership style Mother Teresa lived by. She was not a business leader. Mother Teresa worked mainly on a spiritual level. Because of this, she was able to establish an organization that was devoted to the service and care of the poor. She never wanted to become a leader, she just accepted the role she was given and carried it out sacrificing her comfort and her whole life for others. She was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in 1910 in Skopje, Yugoslavia. Her father co-owned a construction company and her family lived comfortably. In 1928 she decide she wanted to become a nun and moved to Ireland to live with the Sisters of Loreto. She lived there for less than a year and then moved to Darjeeling in India. On May 24, 1931, she changed her name to "Teresa" in honor of St. Teresa of Lisieux. In 1946, she experienced an apparition from God while she was travelling. She knew then that God was giving her an “inner command” and she decided to leave the convent with all commodities she had to help the poorest of the poor by living with them. She knew it...

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Five Leadership Lessons from Mother Teresa
Feature Article: Integral Leadership: The Case of Mother Teresa
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