Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa Essay
There are a number of people who, while living, were respected by many people in the world, and ever after their death, are missed; Mother Teresa was the one of them. In my opinion, Mother Teresa was an active, informed, and global citizen because Mother Teresa dedicated her whole life to help the poor, and she did a lot of work for them successfully. Also, she influenced on the world in good ways.

First of all, Mother Teresa dedicated her whole life to caring for the weak and impoverished. At the age of twelve, she realized that instead of leading a life of her own she had to live to help the poor. And she endeavored for the poor her whole life. It is not easy to live for others and not for oneself, but she did it. It is a duty of an ideal citizen to care for our neighbours.

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Secondly, Mother Teresa did do a lot of work which affected the world a lot. She helped even the poorest people to die with dignity and opened orphanages for children, and so on. As stated before, through her work, she helped many people in need. For what she accomplished would have been too difficult for many to ever try. But, for her not only did she accomplish what she set out to do, but she did it successfully.

Finally, Mother Teresa indirectly encouraged and influenced many people to volunteer to help the poor. For example, today, Mother Teresa??s Missionaries of Charity now has 570 missions all over the world, comprising of 4000 nuns, a brotherhood of 300 members and over 100,000 lay volunteers operating homes for AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis patients. There are also soup kitchens, children??s and family counseling programs, orphanages, and schools. And much more people will join them as they see what Mother Teresa has started and built out of love. At first, she started by herself, but now, it is a big part of the world.

Accordingly, Mother Teresa did what a lot of people cannot do easily for...
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