Mother Influence

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I know it’s probably very cliché to write an essay about how my mom has impacted my life but she truly has. To me my mom is 100% my motivation; I wake up, go to school and work. I set goals for myself and dreams I hope to achieve all for and because of her. I’m not ashamed to tell you exactly why I’m writing this common story about how she’s my inspiration. I wish that every person would get to experience having a mother like mine to impact their lives the way that she has mine. Growing up in Bosnia i Herzegovina my mom was raised in a strict household. My grandma always had set rules so starting at a young age my mom was cleaning and cooking, even picking weeds and growing crops. There was no fun for her until every chore was done for that day. As a little girl during my family’s last few years in Bosnia, I didn’t know much about my environment; at the time the Serbian war was becoming a tremendous deal. For the most part, I’m glad I don’t remember much at all, I remember the day the Serbians came and took my dad, I was playing outside with my brother who was basically my guardian at the time. I remember my dad standing there in the front yard, like he knew he was going to be taken, and forced to the army. As a three year old I had absolutely no idea what had happened. One thing I could never forget is the way my mom provided for us because it still impacts my everyday life. My mom came home from working all day and night and heard about my dad, when you look at someone that has done so much for you, and you see them at their breaking point, is the worst feeling in the world. My mom looked at me and started crying. I was only about three years old but I remember it so clearly. She grabbed my brother and I and took us to Zagreb where the American Embassy was located to apply for an opportunity of a life time, to be sent to America. That is the last thing I have memory of. I can’t help but to be so grateful and fortunate when my mom explains stories about her...
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