Mother and Family

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Family is most importance voice in Australia voices, which is highlighted in the film, the castle The Castle by Rob Sitch. This film is about the Kerrigan's family, they live next to the airport. The father is a track driver, and he is a centre of the family, and the mother is also very important, and she loves cook and craft. Sitch use a lot of techniques to convey the family voice in this movie. In Dale’s monologue to the audience, " If dad is the backbone of the family, mum is the other bone." shows how important are father and mother in the family. This suggests Suggests that in Australian family, the father always is the man of the family, he work hard and safeguards this family, and the mother will always support father and bring the family together.

It also shows in the low angle of Darryl stand in the backyard to convey he is the head of the family, informed to informing the audience in Australia family, the father is the centre of the family, rest of the family member will listen when he is speaking. The unity also very important for Australia family, Australia family is very strong, because the family always stand in one side, and always stand together. It shows by the mid-shot of the family setting together when they were have dinner. And when Sal put the cake in the table, it’s a close up camera shot of Darryl’s face when he staring at her, it convey that in Australia family, the mother loves the father, and the father loves the mother, that the reasons of why is Australia family so strong and unity, and because of this, the family will fight together    
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