Mother and Different Discipline Styles

Topics: Mother, Father, Punishment Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: June 20, 2013
“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” This is a famous saying, almost a principle that parents use to discipline their child when they have gone wayward. What it means is when the child has done something wrong, parents spare the rod. Sparing the rod means, to not punish the child. This way, the child would develop the thinking that mummy and daddy would let me off after a earful of scolding. This would lead the child to start thinking that he would be let off with a scolding being the maximum punishment that he would ever receive for his wrongdoings. With this mindset, they would grow up and think to themselves, “why didn’t mum and dad beat me then?” To spare the rod and spoil the child, parents are actually telling their child that they’ll get away with things that they’ve done wrong with a lecture by their authority. Parents, of course, do not realize this disastrous effect. They would carry on their naïve thinking that they love their child; therefore they would give up their lives rather than to see a cane mark on the back of their child’s hand. My parents were both fair people, my dad was the discipline master while mum was the counselor. Well, you could either say they blend with each other’s style of discipline or they were worlds apart in their knowledge on child discipline. There was once when I was about six, my dad was driving my family home from lunch. On the expressway, the little devilish me went to open the door while dad was going at 80km/h. Immediately, my elder brother reached over and slammed the door shut. I went into a mild state of shock. Up to this day I can remember what my dad turned around and said, he said,” you watch out.” HE said it in a cold and stern voice. Immediately I knew I was in hot soup. Living up to his fiery nature, my dad took out his leather belt and used the metal buckle to whip me. It felt like child abuse, and it probably was, but it taught me a very important lesson that you would never get away with...
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