Most Powerful Person on Earth

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Who do you think is the most powerful person on earth? Why?
Who are the most powerful people of the world? My fellows from my play group gave me many different answers. What are your answers? Do you think the most powerful persons of the world are: moms and dads? The President? Strong peoples with huge muscles, hefty athletes, or muscular boxers? Kings, princes, and princesses which are richly dressed in ornamented clothing, and have servants? Businessmen that have a lot of money? Friendly teachers with their endless knowledge and smiling faces? I tried to guess your answers. Because, those are also my fellows answers. Most of us have an idea of power that is connected with control or strength, and certainly money. My fellows also think power is in adulthood, in addition to money and strength. But I don’t think the power in money, or strenght or adulthood.

Power in not money. Money is temporary; you can make it and lose it. If power is related with money, when we lost our money, we must be lost our power. But if we can make money once, we can make it again. If we have self-assurance, intelligence, and ability to perform effectively, we have the power for making money again. Power is ability of having great influence or control over others. And, it is in bravery, frankness, honesty, and having big dreams. If you have big dreams, and believe in yourself; you can do everything you dreamed of. I have a different opponion about the most powerful people. Moms and dads are struggling for provide you a excellent future. They support, protect, and care for you. When you are ill, they spent sleepless night just beside of you. To most people, approaching the President is nearly impossible. But they show interest to you, especially youngers; they don’t say anything even tear their hairs. Every time, they develop projects for providing you a good education. Teachers use their knowledge for helping you on your life plan. Bussinessmen use their money for building new...
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