Most memorable person english

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Most memorable person
Amelia sander is the most memorable person to me. Her nick name is Amelia badilia that’s what I’ve called her ever since I was young. She works in Hutchinson Kansas at the Hutchinson state bank. Sometimes she helps her boyfriend fixing up houses and with decorations. I know Amelia because my grandmas’ sister is Amelia’s mom which makes her my cousin.

Amelia is five foot six inches approximately which made her good at volleyball, basketball and softball in high school. Amelia has dirty blonde hair about shoulder length. Besides her being very sport she also like ding crafty thing. She loves to do scrapbooking ones a week at my grandmas her and I put scrapbooks together for other people and make money from doing hobbies we like to do. She helps me with it too. Amelia also likes to do photography. She went somewhere in England and took a lot of beautiful pictures there. How I met Amelia badilia is because my grandma’s sitter is Amelia’s mom. Which made us cousins? When we met I was too young to know I was about and she was probably 14. My best memory with her is swimming almost every day at our neighbors. Doing contest in the pool. We would try to beat each other swimming fast to diving fir the most sticks. Then our neighbor Linda would always make us cookies and give us popcicles. We never really ate the cookies Linda would give us but we felt really bad about it. The reason we wouldn’t eat them is because she made them in her dishwasher somehow I don’t know how. Amelia is the most memorable person to me because she basically influenced me in many ways. We are both very kind, loving and amazingly crafty people. It seemed like we saw each other one million times a month. She was like my sister she listens to me about things I have to say. She is the friend that would laugh when I fall but the pull me up. Amelia badilia is truly my most memorable person.
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