Most Memorable Experience in Life

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Villagonzalo, Mitzie A.January 22, 2013

Most Memorable Experience
Everyday there are a lot of things that tends to be our most memorable experience. A number of experiences in our daily lives and we may choose a few things that is most important and it is not forgettable. In my life, though I have a lot of experience, I may choose those things that I may treasure for the rest of my life. When my baby came into my life, when I got married and competing in a competition are the most memorable experience in my life that I may treasure.

Having a baby makes me inspire every day. When my baby was born in this world my life begins to change. They may say that at my age, I may get difficult to adjust. Maybe I am too young but for me, I deserve to have it because I am willing to sacrifice whatever it takes for the sake of my baby. When she came, I became more responsible because I know that no one else can taking care for her but me and my husband. We will do everything to give her needs and most important is to give our whole life and our love to make our family happy.

The second one is when I got married. I got married at the age of eighteen. Yes, I am too early to enter this kind of relationship. But if you ask me why I choose to be married, well, the first thing is, I love the guy who also love me for who I am, second is, I know that he will take care of us, third one is, I know in my heart that he is the right one for me. I am so lucky to have him in my life. When you get married someday, I advise you to think wisely because getting married is not easy. It’s not always happy but it also has a lot of sorrows, problems and trials. As I experience it, I experience those problems and trials but with the help of my husband, we pass those trials in our lives and we both know that there are more problems are coming to test our strong relationship. Patience is the most important thing.

Lastly is competing in a...
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