Most interesting person in my class

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Human Communication

Name: Ling You Ping
Matriculation ID: J13011504
Section: A3
Lecturer: Ms.Malini Kumar
Date: 23/8/2013

Assignment for Week 1

Write a 100-150 word essay on who you found most interesting in your class. Why did this person catch your attention? How similar are you both? How did this person respond to your offer of friendship?

Before I start the essay, I want to share what I actually think. I was keep thinking that the person which is the most interesting person in my class. Until now, I found no one. Maybe Ms. Malini will think that I am lacking of curiosity on others or lacking of attention on others. I am a student who comes from Miri, Sarawak. The aim of studying here is to improve my personalities. Before I came here, my mum wanted me to study in Curtin University in Miri which she thought that the location of the campus is more convenient for me to back home. I declined her advices and told her that I want to learn to grow up and be more independent in KL. Finally I came here. Not all the things like what I expected. I know life can’t be smooth at all times. Even I had home sick, I had to go through it. The worst thing happened in semester one. We were having an argument with each other because of a GNS project. After that, we had split from a class into two groups. I admit that we all have communication problems but everything had passed. It is hard to explain the situation of our class but there are some problems in the middle.

What I see and learn about from staying here about 8 months: 1) Most of the people here are impolite. (Every sector of the community) 2) Most of the people who get high education act like uneducated. (Littering and smoking at smoke free places) 3) Many of people like to play scheming on others. They are more relying on their benefits but not caring. 4) Many of them are selfish and ignore others who need help. I know there are many cheaters here...
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