Most Influenced People in My Life

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Most Influenced People in My Life
In China, people always say, “If three people are walking together, at least one is good enough to be another’s teacher”, which means you will always be influenced by someone else in your life. For me, many people have affected me, such as my grandmother, my father, and my high school physics teacher. Each of them has some talents and characters that I really want to learn. I admire my father’s great enterprise and noble spirit. His strong spirit always influences me when I face challenges or make big decisions. My grandmother’s thoughtfulness teaches me how to take care of myself well when I am alone and I learn that people would be nice to you when you treat them in a friendly way. Also my high school physics teacher is one of the greatest people I have ever met. He was the one who helped me most when I was growing up to an adult. I cannot think of anyone else who has influenced me more than him or her. My father is one of the most influenced people in my life. He is an enterprising entrepreneur. He always tells me three important traits that a real man must have: enterprising, caring, and conscientious. He also likes to talk with me about what he has done to his company and employees. After hearing his experience, I want to start my own business when I graduate from university so that I can be an enterprising man like my father. He is a person whom I am familiar with the most, so I learn a lot of things from him both mentally and materially. Lots of people said that my motion and appearance completely look the same as my father’s from behind when we are walking together. The last reason that my father is one of the most influenced people in my life is that he assists me financially in my abroad study in United States. As we know, there are not a lot of Chinese have the economic capability to send their children to study abroad. I should be grateful that my father is willing to provide me money to study abroad....
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