Most Important Muslim Innovations

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People are so proud of their advancements in algebra, but where would the world be if Muslims hadn’t created algebra to begin with? Many Islamic innovations were created hundreds of years ago, but still have a major impact on many people’s everyday lives. Astronomy, Mathematics, and Geography are three of the most important Muslim innovations of all time.

Others argue that architecture is the most important Islamic innovation, or at least one of the top three. But while architecture is important to culture and history, according to the My World History textbook “ Muslim architects built breathtaking mosques, fountains, gates, gardens, baths, and palaces.” it isn’t as important as math. Mathematics is one of the most important Muslim Innovations that is used in modern history. Many people have jobs that include math. The Muslims created Arabic Numerals; which is what people use today. According to the My World History textbook “Arab Mathematicians used a decimal system based on Indian numerals, this system included the concept of zero.” Now
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However while their writings are important, they aren’t the most important or even part of the three most important Muslim innovations. Astronomy may seem geeky, however it is very important in modern history. Astronomy is yet another example of a majorly important Islamic innovation, because in the olden days, sailors used astronomy to navigate themselves to their destination. According to the My World History textbook, “ Scientists used astronomy to improve their understanding of time, which let them build better clocks.” Muslims also improved the astrolabe, a device that allows people to calculate where they are on Earth. Muslims created charts that showed the positions of stars and planets. This helped them measure the size of earth and develop a precise calendar system, and yet none of this would have been possible had it not been for the

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