Moss and Mcadams Accounting Firm

Topics: Project management, Project, Construction Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm
Tyrone Adaway
BUS 517 Project Management
Dr. Flores
April 20, 2012

1. Explain how you would respond if you were Bruce at the end of the case. I would be furious beyond belief; I would feel very disrespected and unappreciated by the company at the end of this case. To be forced to work with a subpar team member for several months who had shown poor performance and cause my project to run behind, only to then be told that not only were they going to remove him from my project and leave me shorthanded it was him who got to make the decision. My response to Sands would be one that expressed my concern for the image that may be presented by allowing this to be the way that business is conducted. Since it is standard practice to have junior associates assigned to more than one project as at a time, by allowing him to choose the project that he’s “more interested” in may lead to other jr. associates to put forth less than stellar work in the projects that they are not interested in doing in the hopes that they will be able to not do that work. Also I would advise them that while Springfield account is important the Johnsonville account is equal as important and we are sending the wrong message to the client that we do not value their business as much since we are taking people off their account to put them on other accounts. Thirdly I would remind her that he was initially assigned to work on the Johnsonville account and that his participation in the Springfield account was consented to with assurance that it would not be an issue, and that I would like them to take in this in to consideration when future staffing issue arise and I am less willing to share employees on two large projects for fear of being put in the same situation. Further I would ask that we work to get another employee assigned to work on the Springfield account so that we can complete their audit as per the agreement that we have set forth as not to further...

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