Mosquito Repellent

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Rationale of the study

There are more than 3 000 known mosquito species. However, of the 150 species that are potential vectors, only 30 are considered dangerous. The three genera Anopheles, Aedes and Culex, from three sub-families, are disease relevant. The epidemiology and the life cycle stages demonstrate the importance of climatic factors and that water is the essential environmental component for mosquitoes. The immature stages such as eggs, larvae and pupae require an aquatic environment, whereas adult mosquitoes live in terrestrial ecosystems. The quality and quantity of water, whether it is running or standing, shallow or deep, clean or polluted, sweet or brackish, shaded or sunlit, permanent or seasonal, and finally the climate will determine which particular species can breed. (WHO, 1982). As a group, mosquitoes breed in an almost infinite variety of sizes, types and qualities of water bodies and each species requires specific environmental breeding and living conditions. However, most of the mosquito vectors breed in a rather restricted and narrow range of habitats. It is the number of potential transmitting species and their population dynamics which makes control efforts difficult. A comprehensive classification by species, country and habitat, including potential environmental management measures, is presented in the Manual on Environmental Management for Mosquito Control (WHO, 1982). Insect vectors represent the largest group of disease transmitting agents. In most cases and for the most widespread diseases, mosquitoes are the main vectors. As a matter of fact, many people are suffering from mosquito-borne diseases in which dengue fever is worldwide phenomenon. In fact, there are up to 100 million cases of dengue fever worldwide every year. These existing problems are due to people’s negligence and unsanitary environment.

More than half of the mosquito control spraying services has been completed for 2011. While there are many high priced products on the market to help homeowners rid their yards of mosquitoes, a quick home remedy is putting a small bowl of water in various locations around the yard. Add a teaspoon of Joy dish detergent. The scent of the Joy appears to attract mosquitoes; however, it proves fatal to those pesky mosquitoes.

Moreover, mosquito coil is widely known as an efficient mosquito repellent. The manufacture of mosquito coils comprises a material combined with an insecticide. These are often used to knock down or repel flying mosquito in living quarters.

However, a recent study conducted in Malaysia showed that a single mosquito coil carries the same risk as that of smoking 100 cigarettes. As the coil emits smoke to keep mosquitoes away, it is hazardous for humans as well. (

Regarding these facts, this study endeavoured to formulate mosquito repellent as an alternative to the commercial mosquito coil.

The researchers aimed to use the coconut coir as a burning agent in making mosquito repellent. Moreover, the main purpose of this study is to determine the capability of coconut coir to repel mosquito.

Statement of the Problem

The main objective of this study is to determine the capability of coconut coir to repel mosquito. Specifically, this study further aimed to answer the following questions:

1. What are the basic requirements needed in making mosquito repellent in terms of: Supplies and Materials
Tools and Equipment?

2. What is the production cost of the finished product?

3. What are the procedures involved in making the coconut coir mosquito repellent?

4. To what extent is the response of respondents in the acceptability of coconut coir?...
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