Mosquito Coil as Mosquito Repellent

Topics: Insect repellent, Peel, Insect Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: August 29, 2013
As we continuously live in this world, we are bound to so many illnesses that might threaten our existence. Thus, alternative precautions are somehow made in order to find ways for it to be solved. Developing new ideas on how to overcome this life threatening sickness is one way of escaping from it. We believe that we people tend to be so innovative that we may be able to think for things which we think essential for our daily living. We remain to be so hopeful that despite the rampant cases of these inevitable sicknesses we can perhaps cure these by means of utilizing the available resources we have in the environment. One of these illnesses carrying insect is the Mosquito. We may be somehow naïve of the other uses of Lanzones aside from its nutritiously juicy fruits. After eating Lanzones we may tend to just throw away its peelings without knowing that this could be another best source of alternative insecticide. Its sweet incense brings a different aroma that drives away mosquitoes. The problem about mosquitoes still goes on despite all the government efforts, Lanzones peelings can help reduce the incident of dengue because it acts as mosquito repellant like any other similar organic alternatives like atis, citronella and Madre de cacao. There have been some studies like other plants, Lanzones crusts has a certain compound that can repel mosquito. Drying and burning the rind produces a smell that repels mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents are essentially required these days. Mosquito coils are one of the cheapest and effective ways of avoiding them, but these coils are made up of chemicals which can harm our health. So we thought about making a substitute mosquito coil that is not harmful to our health and that is the Lanzones peel katol- a natural and environmental friendly coil. Recent studies showed that the smoke generated from burning mosquito coil is of certain health concerns– a person being exposed to the smoke coming from the coil may suffer...
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