Moses Maimonides

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Mishnah torah :
* Most famous, important piece of writing
* Written 1168-78 CE, the Mishnah Torah was the first systematic and comprehensive codification of the entire Jewish law separated into 14 books or sections. Was written in Hebrew and was intended to encourage the average Jew to access the body of Jewish law more easily. * The Mishnah Torah (the second Torah or repetition of the Torah) organised the complex and confusingly arranged Talmud into logical order that was accessible to the non Talmudic scholar . E.g. the everyday law. * Maimonides intention was to compose a book that would guide Jews on how to behave (‘halacha’ –proper practice) in all situations , without having to waste large amounts of time searching through the Talmud . * The Mishnah Torah covered 3 main areas for Jews

1. The book of knowledge (sefer haMada) covers issues of belief , study of Torah , repentance. 2. Thirteen books detail Jewish ritual and civil laws such as blessings, circumcision, holy days, relationships, between males and females , dietary law and ethics. 3. Notion of the Messiah – discusses the time when the messiah would come. (what will happen when messiah comes) * Mishneh Torah = “repetition of the torah”) subtitled sefer yad haHazaka (“book of the strong hand) is a code of Jewish religious law (halakha)

* Known as the Raman
* Born in Cordoba , Spain but moved later moved to fez in Morocco as Muslims toke over the city and started persecuting the Jews. * In 1165 Maimonides but soon after steeled in Fustat , in Egypt . * He became head of the Egyptian Jewish community and his fame spread . * Began writing at 16 .

* He began his Kitab al Siraj , an Arabic commentary on the Talmud when he was 23 and finished it 10 years later. * This contains the bold essay , thirteen attributes of faith – a list of Jewish beliefs , emulating the credos of Islam and Christianity. * Next he wrote the mishneh torah , an exposttion and summary of the jewish law in Hebrew . This book was intended to make the laws accessible to common people .

This body of work was completed around 200 CE. The Mishnah was the oral law in written form . The oral law had developed among the teachers of the second temple period as an interpretation and development of the Torah . Commentary on the Mishnah (a book written by Marmonide )

2. Mishnah

Based on written Torah

Mishnah extended the Torah’s vision so that it would apply to the whole of life of the contemporary world , at that time.

The commentary on the Mishnah
His commentary on the Mishnah was the first one that explained the laws of the Mishnah was the first one that explained the laws of the Mishnah .

* Mishnah Torah
* Written at the age of 32 – toke 10 years to write
* Confided the Talmud
* Written in Hebrew in order to be accessible to Jews
* Divided into 14 books – each book dealing with related laws – each chapter dealing with 1 halacha * Wanted it to be used by students who had knowledge of Hebrew and the laws of Israel , but who were not experts in the law * Listed all laws of daily life and religious observances that can be found in the Talmud . * Since he was a doctor , he included such advice as eating , exercising and other daily concerns . He said that it was a mitzvah , a religious duty to keep ones self healthy . *

* The Commentary on the Mishnah
* Written in Arabic 1158- 1168
* Offered brief explanations for each Mishnah – explaining everything that is not totally clear * Includes new information and advice for the practical application of the Torah * Discussed fundamental concepts such as prophecy , revelation and tradition * In his commentary Maimonides elaborates upon the development of Jewish law and deals with the fundamental principles of Judaism as formulated in his thirteen articles of faith . * Clarifying that...
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