Moses In The Bible

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The characters in The Bible as/in Literature all go through terrible suffering. One character who has an especially intriguing story is Moses. Moses was born in secret, since Hebrew boys were being killed at birth. Eventually his mother gave him up and he was found by the pharaoh’s daughter. From then on he lived in luxury, feeling helpless while watching the Hebrew people suffer through slavery. The background Moses had was important because it provided him with a reason to care for the Hebrews, while still giving him the power to make change occur. With each of his struggles came an outcome with a moral. Most of the problems Moses faced were focused around freeing his people. Although, these dilemmas were necessary in order to build up a bond between the Hebrew people and God and to free them from Egyptian rule.
Moses killed an Egyptian man to save an Israelite, and when word got to the pharaoh, he was forced to flee from his home, completely turning his life around; although, who could say if it was for the worse or the better? Because of this,
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Each time Moses begged, the pharaoh denied his request. Although, Moses didn’t stop trying. God sent many plagues down upon Egypt, and finally, the pharaoh let the Hebrews leave. However, the pharaoh changed his mind and sent armies running after the Hebrews. Yet again, Moses had to struggle against the Egyptians. He spoke words of encouragement to the Hebrew people: “Fear not, stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today; for the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again” (121). In this line, Moses was trying to encourage the Israelites to persevere, because if they did, they could defeat the pharaoh’s armies. Throughout Moses’ story, he had to stand firm in order to achieve his main goal of freeing his people. Perseverance is another lesson provided in The Bible as/in Literature through

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