Moses Book 8

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The Eighth Book of Moses
A Greco-Egyptian Grimoire

a e h i o u w

(PGM XIII, in Hans Dieter Betz’s The Greek magical papyri in translation, including the Demotic spells)

PDF Edition, 2005

Book One
God Gods


his is a sacred book, called “Unique” or “Eighth Book of Moses”, concerning the Holy Name. Its content is as follows. Remain pure for 41 days. Have a house on ground level in which no one has died during the past year. The door should face west. Set up an earthen altar in the middle of the house and gather cypress wood, 10 pinecones full of seed, 2 white roosters, uninjured and without blemish, and two lamps, each holding an eighth of a pint, filled with good oil. And don’t pour in any more than the eighth of a pint, for when the god comes, the lamps shall burn more fiercely. Have the table prepared with these following kinds of incense, which are cognate to the Gods. The proper incense of Kronos is styrax, for it is heavy and fragrant Of Zeus: malabathron Of Ares: kostos Of Helios: frankincense Of Aphrodite: Indian nard Of Hermes: cassia Of Selene: myrrh

(Note: The Egyptian equivalents of these Gods would be respectively: Geb, Amon, Mônt, Rêÿ, Hathor, Thoth and Khons) These are the seven secret incenses (the direction in the Key of Moses, “prepare sun vetch on every occasion”, refers with these words to the Egyptian bean). Moreover, Manetho gave these instructions in his own book. Then take the 7 flowers of the 7 stars (which are marjoram, white lily, lotus, erephyllinon, narcissus, gillyflower and rose); take these flowers 21 days before the initiation, grind them fine into white incense, dry them in the shade, and have them ready for that day. First, however, present yourself, on whatever auspicious new moon occurs, to the Gods of the hours of the day, whose names you have in the Key. You

will be initiated as follows: Make three figures from fine flour, one bullfaced, one goat-faced, one ram-faced, each of them standing on the celestial pole and holding Egyptian flails. And when you have censed them, eat them, saying the spell for the Gods of the hours (which is in the Key) and the call for them, and the names of the Gods set over weeks. You will then be initiated to Them. Next, for the all important meeting, have a square of natron on which you will write the Great Name with the seven vowels. Instead of the popping noise and the hissing sound in the Name, draw on the first part of the natron a falcon-faced crocodile (Sobek-Horus) and the nine-formed God standing on him, for this crocodile at the 4 turning points of the year greets the God with the popping noise. For, coming up to breathe from the deep, he goes “pop, pop, pop,” and he of the nine forms replies to him antiphonally. Therefore, instead of the popping noise, draw the falcon-faced crocodile, for the popping noise is the first part of the name. The second is a hissing. Instead of the hissing, draw a snake biting its tail. So the two elements, popping and hissing, are represented by a falcon-faced crocodile and the nine formed God standing on him, and around these a snake and the seven vowels (aehiouw). Now the great Name is composed of nine names, before which you recite those of the Gods of the hours, with the prayer on the stele, and those of the Gods of the days and of the weeks, and the call for these. For without these, the God will not listen to you and will refuse to initiate you, unless you emphatically say in advance the names of the lord of the day and of the hour, which information you shall find at the end of this tractate. For without these, you will not accomplish even one of the things which you find in the Key. Now the invocation of the sacred stele to be written on the natron is: “I call thee, who art greater than all, the creator of all, thou, the selfbegotten who seest all but art not seen. For Thou gavest Helios the glory and all the power, Selene the privilege to wax and wane and have fixed...
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