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Morton Salt Case
1. Production Process
A. Salt Production
a. The water is injected into salt caverns that resulted to a brine (salt dissolved in water) b. The brine is pumped to the surface that eventually are converted into salt crystals c. The brine is boiled that makes the liquid evaporate resulting to salt crystals with residual moisture d. The residual moisture is removed through drying process

e. The salt crystals are stored in silos, otherwise shipped in bulk to industrial customers f. The salt crystals are moved through conveyors to each of the four dedicated production areas B. Round Can Production

a. 2 sheets of chip board are glued together and rolled to a continuous tube b. The continuous tube is cut into long sections, afterwards into can-sized pieces c. The top and bottom pieces for the cans are punched from a continuous cardboard strip d. The separate pieces move along conveyor belts to the lines where components are assembled and glued to the cans e. The cans are filled with salt and added the pour spout

f. The cans are loaded into pallets and placed in inventory

2. Quality Assurance can be checked by:
a. Checking the quality of the salt crystals during production process b. Inspecting the correct assembly of the can
c. Checking the exact/accurate weight of the filled cans
d. Ensuring the proper alignment of the labels of the can
e. Verifying the correct attachment of metal pour spouts

3. Possible Reasons why the company continues to use the old processing equipment instead of buying new, more modern equipment a. COST. Changing equipments has a very high cost, considering maintenance and the cost of the equipment itself. Also, the present cost of maintenance is fair and still good enough to be handled by the firm. b. EFFICIENCY. The current equipment still has enough capacity to produce the needed output required. Also, the company has its own workers who can repair and make new parts for the equipment. c. COMPETITION. The...
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