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Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Target market Pages: 5 (2113 words) Published: February 4, 2015
DATE: February 20, 2014
TO: Megan Akatu, Director of Sales and Marketing & Joe Kurth, General Manager FROM: Erin Moston, Patrick Shea, Eric Moser, John Rumer, Karie Wolf SUBJECT: Recommendations to improve the Morris Inn marketing Plan and DiningExperience

The purpose of this memo is to recommend several strategies to improve the marketing plan for the Morris Inn team. The goal is to increase awareness about the newly improved Morris Inn within the South Bend community. If that is achieved, the suggestions should help fill the Morris Inn restaurants- Sorin’s and Rohr’s- with local customers. Additionally, the strategies are put into place to increase returning customers on a regular basis. Our team is determined to improve the image of the Morris Inn and replace the dated concept that is currently associated with the Morris Inn. BACKGROUND

The Morris Inn was built in 1952 on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Its construction was primarily funded by a generous donation from Ernest M. Morris, a 1906 alumnus of Notre Dame. In 2012 Ernestine Morris Carmichael Raclin, the daughter of Ernest and Ella Morris, provided funding for the Morris Inn as a gift to the University. This renovation brought major improvements to the outdated Morris Inn, including expanding it from 92 rooms to 150 rooms, 18 of which are suites. The size of the beds improved from double and single sized beds to king and queen sized beds. In addition to the improvement in bed size, the renovation saw the introduction of the Irish tavern Rohr’s and improvements to the fine dining restaurant Sorin’s. Also, the new 24-hour fitness center, gift shop, and the Fireside Terrace, an outdoor extension of Rohr’s that is complete with sofas, umbrellas, and fire pits, are a result of this renovation.


Increase exposure efforts in the South Bend area, while focusing on specific target markets

In order to encourage more locals to come onto Notre Dame’s campus to eat at either Sorin’s or Rohr’s the first step needed is to increase the exposure of each establishment in the local community. Sorin’s a fine dining restaurant has a smaller target market, middle to upper class, but also faces less competition that Rohr’s which faces heavy competition from other bars, particular Eddy’s Street establishments. As a result the marketing program for Sorin’s and Rohr’s will differ in that the efforts to expose Sorin’s must be concentrated and specified to reach small group, while Rohr’s campaign can cover a broader target market.

Because the target audience for Sorin’s will likely have a higher disposable income, marketing efforts for Sorin’s should be directed so that exposure towards higher income individuals will be maximized. Initially, the Morris Inn management should contact local businesses in an attempt to lure in business lunches and dinners, which historically are held at higher end establishments. Emails, calls and mail advertisements are all possible means of alerting the local business communities to the possibility using Sorin’s for meetings. Furthermore, the University is heavily involved in the local economy, and taking out partners, donors, clients and other business affiliates to dinners at Sorin’s will help to increase exposure for the restaurant in the local business community.

Also, to attract higher income individuals and families, Sorin’s should advertise with local private schools. Schools such as St. Joe’s are likely to have on average families with higher disposable incomes, and therefore can afford to eat at a higher end establishment such as Sorin’s. Sponsoring school sports teams, donations in Sorin’s name, and dinners at school fund raising auctions are all possible means of reaching to parents.

Rohr’s target market differs from Sorin’s in that it is a much broader group than Sorin’s. A much higher percentage of the local community eats at bar and restaurant combination...
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