Morning Walk

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    A morning walk is a very useful exercise. It is a light exercise which keeps us healthy and happy. The environment is very calm and quiet in the morning. There is no noise and there are no other disturbances. There are hardly any vehicle in the morning and human activity is also quite less. If one goes for a walk, one enjoys the cool air of the morning. Nature is at its best in the morning. The fresh air is inhaled in the morning can keep us fit, healthy, happy and energetic for the whole day.     I am very fond of going out for a walk early in the morning every day. Last morning, I was surprised to hear a knock at my door. I opened the door and say my friend; Ali. He asked me to accompany me. We both made our way towards the stream which flows at a distance of three kilometers from our town. When we were out of the city walls we met a large number of people including old, young and children who were enjoying the morning walk. On the way we entered a garden. We were welcomed by the sweat perfume of fragrant flowers of many kinds and colours. We heard birds chirping in the trees. A cool breeze was blowing which refreshed us. There is green grass in the garden which is a sight to b hold. We walked on the grass. Dew drops on the grass further added to the beauty of this garden.     At last we reached the bank of the stream. There was a great hustle and bustle. The playing of fish and swimming of water fowls are a source of great pleasure. Some men were swimming and the other were taking bath on the bank. We also took bath. In the mean time the sun appeared in the East and we returned home.
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