Morning Walk

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I love to listen to the soft sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. I love to hear the far off sound of a horse whinny, or the sounds of birds singing gracefully in the trees. I love to look out the window and see the landscape, with all its greenery. My home is beautiful. Here in the country, just outside Strathmore, I live on a small acreage. It is there that I have many horses and other animals. Every day I get up early in the morning and run outside to go for a ride on my horse. While I saddle up my horse, the sun rises and everything awakens. Riding first thing in the morning is the best, because you can see things that you will never see during the majority of the day. One of my favorite things is the sunrise. The colours are magical and enchanting.

I ride in the field across the road from us. There they have some small ponds and some sloughs. In the morning many ducks and geese come to feed them and their young, who follow along taking part in their first swimming lessons.

Sometimes you can just sit there and actually watch eggs hatching, seeing new life grasp the world for the first time. You can see gophers awaken and coming up to take in their first fresh morning breath. Although they are thought of as a pest, they are beautiful in their own way.

One morning, I was out riding when I came across to see two coyotes with two of their pups. The pups were just lolling around and the parents were hunting. I saw them from atop a hill. I didn’t want to get too close and scare them off. This was a special moment. It must have been the pups’ first time out of the den. They seemed so curious. They walked all over the field and became quite aware of their surroundings. The next morning I went out, they were there again. Today they were going to hunt, too. They saw a jackrabbit and they started on their way. After a few moments they seemed to have lost their track. They plopped down in the stubble and waited until the rabbit appeared again. This time...
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