Morning in Negrabcan

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MAY 30,2013

GLORIA LUZ O. NELSON:This is about the case of Aycocho versus de Castro. They are also from your cluster the Animal Science. For the record can you just state your full name and your designation Veneranda: Oo Ma’am, opo, good morning, I am Veneranda Magpantay, you can call me Vanda for short. I am an Associate Professor I at the ADSC (Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster) and currently Ma’am I am also the Deputy Director GLNThank you for coming

VOneranda:Yes Ma’am
Nelson: For this Administrative Tribunal Committee that was formed by Chancellor Cruz to investigate the complaint of Ma’am Aycocho against de Castro, so I’d like to introduce this members of the committee we have Chato from Development Communication, and of course Liza from Biotech and Louie from Institute of Plant Breeding and of course we have Carls from Agronomy department. I’m Gloria Nelson, I’m chairing the Administrative Tribunal Committee and I am from the Department of Social Sciences. As a backgrounder what do you know about the case, you can speak in Filipino or English and but we will question in English. Veneranda:Bale si Nestor de Castro po ay administrative staff sa Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster. Ang alam ko Ma’am may complaint si Ma’am Aycocho about him, may administrative case yata sya na file against him so ayun po, elaborate ko ba Ma’am yung cases na alam ko Nelson: Yes please all the things that you know, Reden is here, she is another member of the committee, she is from College of Human Ecology,. Ma’am Magpantay is the Deputy Director of the Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, I’m sorry to interrupt. Veneranda:Yes Ma’am that’s okey, Ma’am ang alam ko po may case ng subordination na kinom-plaint before our Administrative Personnel Committee against that person. Ang alam ko rin po nag-investigate na ang APC, na meron na silang mga findings, they even interviewed the person tapos our director ask Chancellor Cruz to act on the matter, kasi yung APC po sabi ni Sir Julian hindi naman sya nandun para sa penalized the person, so ayun po ang alam ko, kaya tayo may committee na ganito but personally Ma’am yung encounter ko kay Mr. de Castro, kilala ko po sya undergraduate pa lang po ako so siguro ayun yung isa sa medyo maliit na problem on his treatment po Nelson: What year is this, can you give specific dates?

Veneranda:Kilala ko po sya siguro gumgraduate po ako ng 99 so siguro somewhere between 1998 to 1999 Nelson: Ano ang pagkakilala mo sa kanya, nagkakausap kayo? Veneranda:Nagkakausap po kami, kasi po

Nelson:Graduate student ka nun?
Veneranda:Hindi Ma’am undergrad po ako nun so dun po sya naka-assign sa building na kung san po ako nagma-major, so bale utility po sya dun, so parang on a first name basis po sya sa akin. So Vanda ang tawag nya sa akin, so sa kanya naman ako Tito Nestor kasi undergrad po ako bata ako nun, so sa tingin ko po na medyo naging maliit na problem, na hanggang ngayon eh ngayon po na kahit faculty na ako parang ganun pa rin yung treatment nya sa akin, eh minsan tinatawag nya ako na bruha na hindi naman ako nagre-react masyado kasi parang medyo Nelson: Bakit bruha?

Veneranda:Ma’am pag halimbawa po wala lang
Liza: Joke lang
Reden: Sweet endearment?
Veneranda:Parang ganun, ganun ko sya tine-treat ano po, so ang involvement ko naman po dito sa kaso ay ano po para medyo ma-shorten na sya ahm, once po na nagpunta sya sa office ko na during the time na nagkakaroon na sila ng problem ni Ms. Aycocho nitong administrative ahm, kasi sya po yung directly under Ms. Aycocho, nung mga 2012 po no he was directly under her, Ms. Aycocho as the Chair po of our Buildings and Grounds Committee, so dun po sya naka-assign, si Mr. De Castro. Nung mga February 2012 he went to my office tapos he was asking ah borrowing P1,000.00 pesos from me, so I told him that time I don’t have money so I couldn’t lend him kasi medyo may reputation din po kasi...
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