Mormon Migration

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Topics: Brigham Young, Utah
The Mormon Migration was an important time in history because the religion was new; it had troubles, but Mormons are good at heart. The trouble of proving themselves worthy to the world and finding safety was hard. With good nature and strength they overcame obstacles to become a religion with over 12 million followers. Main periods in time are the creation of the religion, the Mormon Migration, and lastly the result of the migration the Utah War.
The creator of the Mormon religion was Joseph Smith. It was founded around the 1830s. Mormons believe God made Joseph a prophet to restore Christianity. They also believe that the Bible is not worthy to be the rules of God. The “Book of Mormon”, the book by Joseph Smith with the help of his angel is acceptable as being the official book of their religion. This book told of Indigenous people in early America believing in Christ a long time before he ever lived. The Mormons at first were not accepted as a real religion, and instead ridiculed by other religions. There were many forms of the attacks upon the Mormon religion. People verbally attacked by harshly and negatively talked about the religion. Some people would attack their homes by burning down their fields and their homes. Lastly, some went even as far as to massacre the Mormons. The original creator of the religion was Joseph Smith was one of the important people that was massacred. Mormons were already considering moving west, but when Joseph Smith was killed in 1844 it was made very clear that the Mormons could not stay. People felt that Mormons were not a religion, but instead a cult. Soon the Mormons believed that living in society with other people would not be possible with the hatred that people felt towards them. The Mormons soon realized they would have to move away from Nauvoo, Illinois (their home city) so, the Mormons decided to make a trek to Utah. Utah was at the time a land that was out of the United States territory, but safe and far away

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