Topics: Lie, Business ethics, Poker Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Bluffing Case Study
Ta olso

Bluffing in business revolves around the ethics of the specific business or person. Bluffing is often times viewed as deceiving, which usually corresponds to lying. Although some people believe bluffing in certain situations may be more acceptable than in others such as on a resume, or to make a deal, is it truly ethical? Oppositely, there is a true benefit from an honest reputation in business making bluffing unnecessary. The case study suggests that the nature of business is similar to the game of poker. The author explains that business has an element of chance; the winner in the long run is often one who plays with steady skill and well planned bluffs. While it may be true that the honest businessman receives more respect, the author suggests that bluffing in business is simply the same as a game strategy. Similar to poker, business bluffing does not reflect the ethics of the bluffer. The author believes that the ethics of business are game ethics, which differ from the ethics of religion. His view suggests that bluffing has nothing to do with ethics; rather they are merely a business practice. This introduces the question, do I personally agree with bluffing in the business world? I do not. I truly believe honesty is the key to being successful in the business world. I believe if success can be achieved through honesty, goes much further than success through bluffing. The case study explains an example of an older man who lies on his resume in order to attain a job because he can pass as 45; this is not bluffing… this is strictly a lie. The definition of lying is “not telling the truth”, he simply did not tell the truth. He offered a false representation of himself to others. Although the example did suggest that younger people were ideal for the job, was this the criteria for boldly lying? If and when his boss finds out, what will the outcome be? Obviously his boss is not going to be impressed that he lied in order to get the...
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