More Than a Grandfather

Topics: Family, Grandparent, The Simple Things Pages: 6 (1182 words) Published: July 24, 2005
July 11, 2005
English 101

More Than A Grandfather

My grandfather has had such a huge impact on

my life. Why, you ask? It's because of the
kind of person that he is, and all of the things he has accomplished in his life. He has been

successful at every thing he has ever done and has never failed at anything he has ever tried. He

worked so hard for everything that he has and at one point he had to work two jobs to support his

wife and four kids. He has always been a great provider for his family. I can only hope to be half

the person he is. My grandfather has been my strength and inspiration throughout the years. His

kindness, love and good examples were stepping stones for me to follow.

John B. Martinez was born to John Martinez Sr. and Dora Martinez on November 11,

1929. My grandpa was born and raised in the wild and rugged terrain of Colorado Springs, Co.

He was the youngest of five children, and was raised during a tough time in our history, the

Depression Era. However, his family was rich in other ways, they had each other and they had

the land they lived on, which was filled with magnificent aspen groves that blanketed the many

slopes. To my grandfather their land was like his playground and his jungle where he could do as

he pleased. His playground was as broad as his imagination and as a child he had many

adventures in his jungle. During the summer, he and his friends spent countless days at a near by

watering hole, diving in and swimming to escape the hot summer days. In the spring they would

run through the wildflower filled foreground, as he described it I could see the light violet Showy

Daisies, lemon yellow Sunflowers, baby Blue Bells, and the pink Mountain Dandelions. In

the winter when the water would freeze over, they would ice skate and have snow ball fights.

My grandfather was a very successful man in life. When he was seventeen years old he

started work picking cotton in the local farms and would bring every cent he earned home for his

parents. He shortly enlisted in the Air Force on November 20, 1946 where he trained to be a fire

fighter. Even though he was away from his family he still sent money every month. Later he

worked for Civil Service at White Sands Missal Range in New Mexico. He worked his way up

and finally he became a Fire Chief in charge of thirty men. His department handled the safety of

the incoming military aircraft. My grandfather retired from Edward's Air Force Base as Fire

Chief after thirty-three years of active duty.

With his busy schedule he still was able to take an active role in his home life. He was my

Grandmother Margaret's equal partner. Working as a fireman meant that four days out of the

week he would eat and sleep at the fire house since he was on call 24 hours a day. Three days out

of the week he would be home. During those three days he would cook, clean, and help raise

their four children. My mom and three uncles have told me many stories of all the feasts that my

grandma and grandpa would have ready for them when they came home from school. He would

make dozens of homemade hamburgers, with fresh baked bread, and plump crispy french fries to

feed his four hungry children. On special days he would make spaghetti which meant that the

house would be filled with the aroma of his famous sauce, which was simmered all day until just


After my parents divorced when I was four years old, my grandpa was there for me. This

was because my father did not remain a constant in my life. Not having a father present in my life

left a space that only my grandfather could fill. My grandfather stepped in and took an active role

in my life. He bought me my first bike and we planted a garden together. He was the best role

model anyone could ask for, he also took time to show me the simple things...
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