More Than Meets the Eye

Topics: Poetry, Meaning of life, Meter Pages: 4 (1630 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Alyssa Reitano
Poetry Final Draft: Paper 2
Oct 31 2010
More Than Meets the Eye
Through the use of poetic techniques like alliteration, caesura, and sentence structure the meaning of these poems can be determined. Both author’s create a bond between words and brings about the feeling of the poems. After reading both “Bleeding” by May Swenson and “Beware : do not read this poem” by Ishmael Reed, they both contain elements of aural and visual effects to call attention to the relationship within both poems. “Bleeding” is about the uncomfortable relationship between “the knife” and “the cut” and how the knife causes destruction, but benefits from the destruction it does to give the sense of being fresh and filtered. The speaker uses of both visual and aural effects by using caesura’s in each line to form a saw-toothed edge that the reader can visualize on the piece of paper. Alliteration of the consonants S and C are used to call alertness to the reader of the understanding of the poem. In the second poem “Beware : do not read this poem “ there are a lump sum of details that direct the meaning of the poem. The speaker uses punctuation and un contemporary spelling that is found in formal poetry. By using this un contemporary spelling and punctuation contributes to the meaning of the poem. Both speakers use aids to bring about the idea of a loss that the poem is exactly feeling.

“Bleeding” by May Swenson, uses the metaphoric characters to create an image and bring about emotion from the reader and emerge within the poem. The speaker uses diction to create an image of a “cut” and a” knife”. There are a number of pauses that create elongated caesuras. Caesuras are used to create a visual effect and an aural effect of the meaning of the poem. In the first line of the poem “Stop bleeding said the knife” (1), the speaker puts an extra space between of the feeling being expressed, giving evidence to the reader the importance of why these specific words are being...

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