More Than Meets the Eye

Topics: Rhetoric, Logic, Logos Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: November 3, 2009
Pete Carbonneau
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More than Meets the Eye
There is more than meets the eye. This statement is a widely used idiom in our culture today. This idiom is something one says when you think that something or someone is much deeper than they seem to be at first. This idiom can also go hand in hand with many other things, for example, an advertisement. When it comes to taking in and understanding an advertisement there is most often times much more there than meets the eye. Tons of thought and time goes into making an advertisement. One thing that makes an advertisement good is the skill at which the creator can use rhetoric devises. Rhetoric devises can be used to help sell products. In this Nike advertisement, they use rhetoric as an emotional tie to get there readers to buy. When surfing the internet (shoe shopping) I came across one advertisement that really caught my eye. A brief explanation of this advertisement is a large group of peoples all striving and reaching for a Nike shoe. One strategy that the creators from Nike used very well was the arrangement of the advertisement. Arrangement can change the writing style, keep things organized, and tell the values of the advertisers. One of the main things the element of arrangement does is gets the point across. Where Nike chose to put things in this advertisement, they chose, and that is what they value. {draw:frame} If you look from top to bottom it reads, “NIKE, REACH FOR IT…” Just by reading it a reader will be inclined to think that Nike is on top and everything else is subpar. By placing the Shoe up above everybody it makes the shoe seem like something superb. This makes it seem like everyone else besides Nike is not the best.We know this because in our cultural time everyone wants to be on top because the top usually represents the best. For example CEO’s offices are on top floors as well and celebrity sweets in hotels. Everyone wants to be superb and this is how the aspect of...
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